The holidays brings out the best in the world: family, laughter, hot chocolate – basically everything you need for a great time! Unfortunately that also brings out some of the worst in people.

We at Complete Home Security have put together a few different tips to keep you and your loved ones safe during the holiday season.


Tip #1: Wait to post your travel plans online.

The great thing about social media is that you can share your favorite memories with your family, friends, and the rest of the world! Unfortunately that also means people know when your house is empty, because they saw all you at Niagara Falls twelve minutes ago. Wait to post your travel plans until you get home (or as we suggest – a few days later) so no one knows when your home is empty and free to burgle. 

Tip #2: Keep your gifts and Christmas tree away from any windows. 

Santa Claus is uber kind in getting everyone presents for the holidays. Those gifts are also a cry to “steal me” for an impulsive burglar. We recommend moving the tree and presents closer to a wall or center of the room. If space does not allow that, we recommend not putting any gifts out until the kids go to bed, or until Santa comes by. 

Tip #3: Break apart the packaging. 

Whether it’s Black Friday shopping, online ordering, or magical exchanges, there are bound to be lots of cardboard boxes in your future. A great way to not display to any grinches in your area that you got new Gucci slides or a 65” TV is to break apart the boxes before throwing them away. Not only does this stop people from seeing what new things you’ve received, it also makes it so more boxes can fit in your recycling bin. 

Tip #4: Take advantage of home automation. 

If you have smart lights in your home, you can easily turn them on or off from your phone regardless of being home. Doing this occasionally can make it seem like somebody is home (and not empty), especially if you turn the lights on when it’s dark out. If you don’t have this, many TVs come with sleep and wake features. Set your TVs to turn on and off, especially during a typical game time, when you’re not home to make it seem like someone is watching it. 

Tip #5: Don’t let your mail pile up. 

If you’re taking a week long trip to the beach for the holidays, ask a family member or neighbor to collect your mail while you’re gone. If everybody’s going with you, ask your local post office to put a stop to your packages until you’re back. If you’re expecting packages, we suggest putting a hold or rerouting deliveries via FedEx or using Amazon lockers (we’ve got the links to make it easier!)



We hope you and your loved ones stay safe!

Happy Holidays from the Complete Home family!