Smart door locks, or smart deadbolts, are the future. They’ve been around for some time, but the tech behind the idea is better than ever. There are numerous security and efficiency benefits to using a smart deadbolt. 

What is a smart lock?

A lock for your door or any point-of-entry that is smarter and less forgetful than most of us. Smart locks are to regular locks on your doors, but the differences are they’re powered by electricity/batteries and controlled by a mini-computer.

We work with a variety of smart lock manufacturers and can help you find the right one depending on your door and property type. 



The efficiency smart deadbolts offer are numerous. Here are a few key benefits.


keyless access

You can sell the flowerpot — or welcome mat. With smart locks, you don’t need to worry about hiding a key under the mat or flowerpot for your kids or guests. Smart LOCKS can be unlocked and controlled from your smartphone, anywhere, and at any time .


say goodbye to locked outs

Forgot your key? Whatever the situation is, you don’t have to worry about being locked out like before. With a smart lock and complete home security system in place, you can unlock your home with your smartphone or computer.


monitor traffic

Smart locks can integrate with a smart home security system and allow you to monitor foot traffic in your home or property. You can also create and assign unique pins to help track when little Johnny actually got home. Temporary pins can also be created to grant guests or service providers shortlived access to your home.



Sometimes keys get lost, misplaced or “that family member” held on to a key — with smart lock, you can simply change the pin instead of rekeying the entire house.

smart locks are more secure (and smart)

According to, many burglaries are forced-entry. Having a smart lock and alarm system in place greatly decreases the chance of forced-entry on your home as burglars are deterred by alarm systems. You can also be notified of any failed attempts to enter your property, by key or pin code.

There’s a lot more to smart lock, and we’d love to help answer any questions you might have. As a certified and Guardian Protection dealer, we’re able to find the best smart lock for your property.


GEt locked in with a smart lock! We can help you find the right one.

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