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A home internet connection operates very similar to the old landline services. The wires are often times accessible from the outside of the house and can be tampered or disconnected without a service provider knowing. The difference between a landline and broadband connection is the requirement of power. So an internet connection can also be compromised with a simple flip of a breaker switch. Those issues don’t exist with a cellular connection. With the use of a backup battery, able to sustain operation for up to 72 hours, the system is live regardless of what intruders may do.

Our security solution uses a patented technology called “Crash and Smash Protection.” What it does is when the alarm is activated to either stay or away the alarm system will report the current status. If there is no further report on an update of the status, then the system will assume there has been a tampering of the system. This reports to the monitoring center as a burglary in progress.

The main panel for the security system acts as a hub for all the information pertaining to your account and handles the communication of various devices similar to a hub you may purchase at a home improvement store. With that said the minimum requirements on a Home Security Solution would only serve as a bonus to your new Home Automation or Video Surveillance equipment and can be used in conjunction to create more robust commands for automating all devices on your account.

All video footage is first sent to a secure server where it is stored in the form of clips. These clips are recorded due to customer request, event rule, motion, or the triggering of an alarm. A notification is then sent out to the customer informing them of which camera just had a recording and when. Since everything is stored off the property, an intruder does not have a chance to get rid of any evidence.

Often times the equipment in your house can simply be converted over to our new technology. This is done to reduce the cost of a new system and allow for greater features to be added. When this is done, any existing equipment that will be use with the new system is thoroughly tested. This endures a long lasting system that is reliable and feature rich.

Our company has a number of programs that you may be able to qualify for. One of the most popular programs is the advertisement program. In this program you may be able to qualify for a system installed at no cost. Contact us to find out your eligibility today.

Home Security Systems today are easier then they have ever been. Even if you don’t have a smart phone, a simple touch of a button on the panel arms everything. With the use of medical pendants and keyfobs the systems are also able to give the mobility to those who are disadvantaged. The cellular and app technologies are just extra features available with all systems to increase the security of the systems and allow greater control.

Moving is a vulnerable time for any house hold. Items are in boxes and transported from one place to another. Various people can view all of your possessions and they are easy to take. A system that is installed before you move then be moved with you so that you may be protected before and after getting into your new home.

It is recommended that you call in to complete a test of the system once a month and make sure that we are receiving communication. Our system does include advanced problem detection and notification. The notifications are able to be setup in various form (I.E. Push, text, Email, Etc.). When this happens you may contact us for a service. All of our packages come with a servicing agreement that helps cover the costs of repairs and replacements.

The monitoring of an Alarm System is handled by having a team of people wait for a signal from the alarm panel to say that there has been a breach in the security. When this happens, the representative that intercepts the signal will make calls to the desired numbers specified by you. Most of our systems include two-way communication through the alarm panel. This means the first call that is made is directly to the panel in the house or business. The representative will ask some questions to verify the identity of the person who responds. If no response or a wrong response the police will be called. This applies also to the medical and fire features.


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