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Automated Smart Home in Fresno, CA and Clovis, CA

Life is complicated enough, make it easier.

With our industry leading technology and equipment, we can put the pulse of your home at your fingertips. Imagine controlling your home with JUST buttons! Need to leave the house? No worries, enable "going away mode" and your house locks up, safe and secure. The days of scurrying around the house locking doors and shutting windows are over. Oh, and we'll make sure the A.C. goes off or adjusts as needed!


manage and save energy

save time and money

easy access, efficient actions

automated efficiency and security

Smart Home Automation Install in Fresno, CA and Clovis, CA


With a complete security and home automation system, your home can adjust to your habits and moods. Date night? Movie night? Time to go outside? With a tap of a button, your home will adjust to whatever mood you're in.

Smart Home Automation Presets in Fresno, CA and Clovis, CA
Smart Home Automation Scenes in Fresno, CA and Clovis, CA

spend less time doing the trivial.

Our systems can be setup so they can detect your patterns and behavior. Leaving your home? No problem. Your home will lock up and make sure the lights are turned off. Don't worry about a high heating or AC bill either, your house will turn it down or off.

Smart Home Automation Configurations in Fresno, CA and Clovis, CA
Smart Home Automation Setup in Fresno, CA and Clovis, CA

your home, at your service.

Our complete automation systems allow you to make the most out of your home. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with security, energy efficiency and trivial tasks, you can now sit back and literally control your entire home -- from your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Home Automation Scene in Fresno, CA and Clovis, CA

Home automation products

Our system works best with the following home automation devices / products, but we can also integrate with most existing smart home devices. These devices coexist and create an automated home system that: saves energy; enhances / creates security; and enhances efficiency.

Smart Home Garage Control in Fresno, CA and Clovis, CA


Smart Deadbolt in Fresno, CA and Clovis, CA

Kwikset SMART Deadbolt

Smart LED Lights in Fresno, CA and Clovis, CA

Smart LED Light Bulb

Smart Thermostat in Fresno, CA and Clovis, CA

Smart Thermostat

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